Welcome to the 4J/EWEB Education Partnership

Our Changing Planet:

Preparing for our Future in the Pacific Northwest

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The 4J/EWEB Education Partnership (4J/EEP) is a grant funded environmental education program designed to collaborate, support and provide learning opportunities regarding Climate Change, the affects on the Pacific Northwest, and ways to understand, innovate, and adapt for our future with a lens on mitigation, preparedness and resilience. 

Projects will continue to include salmon in the classroom, renewable energy and the solar challenge with a lens on climate change education (CCE) while continuing to support and connect to 4J STEAM learning experiences.

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Thank you  Eugene Water & Electric Board for your generous support. 

The following educational opportunities are available through the 4J/EEP program:

  • Salmon Raising each fall for Eugene 4J 1st-12th grades
  • Salmon Raising Teacher PD for 4J, Bethel and Springfield teachers each October
  • Wind Energy unit for Eugene 4J 7th grade 
  • Wind Energy support
  • Solar Challenge for Eugene 4J, Bethel and Springfield Middle School Students
  • Solar Challenge PD for teachers each March
  • Earth Day, Every Day classroom activities and visits
  • Field Trip support for energy, water and conservation related trips
  • Coming soon: K-12 Climate Education Resources
  • Coming soon: Aware and Prepared Resources

Please email Tana Shepard  with the 4J/EWEB Education Partnership for information on scheduling classroom visits, registering for programs, and ordering needed materials.


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