Who We Are

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Our goals:


Our Mission:

To collaborate, support and provide *STEaM learning in School District 4j with a focus on energy, water, the *4R’s and environmental education.

*Science, Technology, Engineering, art and Mathematics *4R’s-Reduce Reuse, Recycle and Rethink

History of the EWEB Education Partnership with Eugene 4J: 

Since 1996, the Eugene Water & Electric Board (EWEB) has provided the Eugene 4j School District with a grant to fund water and energy education. The grant has provided support in the educational efforts focusing on energy, water, local watersheds, conservation, recycling, and the environment. Over the years, this grant has enabled Eugene School District 4J to:

• Obtain a federal grant in partnership with the U of O Museum of Natural History to plan an exhibit featuring ongoing projects of participating middle and high schools.

• Continue development of new instructional materials, technical resources, and staff development opportunities to expand a district culture that embraces the very important practice of using our natural resources wisely.

• Continue to provide instruction and support at all levels of the district for existing conservation efforts, energy and water education, and environmental studies.

• Establish career development opportunities for District 4J students in natural resources management, engineering and technical systems.

• On-going development of this extensive website of information (watersheds, ecology, climate, inhabitants and the interactions within the system and energy generation and conservation), lesson plans, and links to other related sites.

Funding changes over time have altered the focus to more technology based curriculum and resources.