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In partnership with the City of Eugene and Sanipac, EEP is helping 4j schools reduce their solid waste through commingle recycling and composting with the Love Food Not Waste program. For the 2018/19 school year, we are currently working with 10 schools across School District 4J. We provide support, supplies, equipment and training, as well as related STEaM classroom activities. Schools are reimbursed for the cost of food waste pick-up by the City of Eugene. Last year, 12 participating schools diverted hundreds of pounds of food waste from the landfill!

Our goal is to bring the number of participating 4j schools to 100% in the district by the year 2020. 

Check out this cool video: Love Food Not Waste video

2018/19 Participating 4j School Cafeterias Interactive Map

Adams Elementary
Camas Ridge Elementary
César E. Chávez Elementary
Charlemagne at Fox Hollow Elementary
Edgewood Community Elementary
Edison Elementary
Family School
McCornack Elementary
Churchill High School
North Eugene High School-culinary program
South Eugene High School
Network Charter School
Soon: El Camino del Rio

Explore the City of Eugene’s web site to find out more about the program.

Conservation Efforts- REthink… REfuse, REduce, REuse, REcycle

See below for some of the projects EEP has supported since our partnership with the City and Sanipac began in 2014. Projects are activities that don’t fit easily into the categories of Lesson Plans or Field Trips, but are student-oriented waste reduction activities.

Chavez Green Dream Follow the Chavez Green Team in their efforts to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Waste Audit @ Adams Elementary School Join Joshua Frankel of Sustainable Partners for Schools and the 4J TR@SH team as they help Adams Green Team complete a waste audit in preparation for Green School re-application.

Waste Audit @ River Road Elementary Join Ann Brentmar and her LaneCC math students on a cooperative waste audit with students at Camino del Rio/ River Road Elementary.

  Classroom composting at Chavez Elementary Follow Tana Shepard and the Chavez Green Team in their efforts to compost classroom snack waste

Composting Cafeteria Waste at Kennedy Middle School. Download a 10-slide Kennedy Power Point produced by the Kennedy Green Team.

Recycling and Compost Collection by Roosevelt Green Class  Follow Matt Byers’ Green Class as they perform their recycling duties.

Activities and Resources for Reducing Waste

  Lunchroom Waste Audit and Forms– A plan for a school cafeteria audit with forms and a blank bar graph scaffold. Grades 3 and up. Download Below.

Lunchroom Waste Audit Guidelines

Art Opportunities

Enter a Poster Contest lists three Oregon K-12 poster making opportunities/ contacts to engage students in create expression of waste reduction messages.
Re-Think: Waste as Art describes six art projects that use repurposed trash, designed by the folks at MECCA. Activities can be adapted to suit all ages.       Re-think: Waste as Art


 Waste  Reduction  Lessons
Several interesting classroom activities, developed by groups across the country, are available open source.  Below are the descriptions of each. Go to the websites directly by clicking on the links.
Real world waste-related math problems (short, ~3 min. youtube films with downloadable worksheets) are described on our Tr@sh-Got a Problem? page.
Recycle Sort Engineering Challenge (grades 7-12): Student teams use kit materials to design a recycle sorting line based on properties of items in the recycling bin. Download an outline of the project: Recycle Sort

Recycle it Right! is a team-based activity where students sort their box of items into categories to be recycled or thrown away. Includes links to online practice sites for elementary grades. Background resources for teachers included. Recycle it Right

Landfill Activities
 Landfill in a Bottle- A month-long observation of changes in “typical” garbage collected in a 2 liter bottle. Students discover what items break down fastest and which remain. It can be used to spur research and reflection. All ages. Landfill in a Bottle

This Landfill is a Gas! A week-­‐long engineering exploration of landfills for gases and leachate produced designed for teams of 4, grades 3-5.
This Landfill is a gas!

Design, Build and Test Your Own Landfill is a 2-3 day activity scalable from grades 4-12, in which engineering teams design a landfill in a plastic shoebox and bury simulated garbage (dye-filled cotton balls) and test them to see much garbage it will contain and how well the landfill contains it when a “rainstorm” tests it. Includes roles for project, construction, design, and budget engineers in
each 4-member team. Design, Build and Test Your Own Landfill

Build a Landfill Diagram- Using a clear plastic tennis ball tube and recycled fabrics, straws, and bottle caps, build a model of a modern landfill. Compare it to a diagram and make analogies between the materials chosen for the model and the function/appearance of the actual landfill components. All ages.      Build a Landfill

 Making a Model Landfill- A 1-2 day activity building 3 models of landfills and predicting and testing how well they protect the groundwater from contamination. Also includes a map of Oregon with existing landfills and a mapping activity. Make a model landfill

Let’s Make a Cake- Children build a landfill using a layer cake as an analogy. (Grades k-3). Let’s make a cake!

Lift a Car Electromagnet Challenge (grades 4-6) Using only materials from the kit, students design an electromagnet strong enough to lift a matchbox car.