Raising Salmon

Each fall, raising salmon in the classroom is EEP’s  most popular programs with both students and teachers. Classrooms benefit from having a live phenomena to question and wonder about for a prolonged period of time.

Any Eugene 4J teacher can choose to participate in this exciting fall project. We supply all of the equipment, provide an after-school workshop to help you set up your tank, provide ready to go lessons and how-to materials, as well as provide online information.

In addition, 4J elementary teachers who raise salmon also have the opportunity to take their classes on a field trip. We offer grades 1-3 trips to the McKenzie Hatchery in late September/early October to see hatchery raised fish return home and grades 4-5 trips in November to Fish Creek near Triangle Lake to see spawning fish in the wild!  Trip dates are limited. There are some requirements in order to qualify for these popular trips.

Information is sent out via email  to all 4j elementary teachers each year in early September.

If you would like to participate, contact Tana Shepard at: shepard_t@4j.lane.edu

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