Solar Challenge

Welcome to the exciting world of the EWEB Solar Challenge! You have taken on a fun, exciting educational opportunity that captures the imaginations and creativity of young people, while providing an opportunity for volunteers to share their skills and ideas.

This year’s challenge IS CANCELED at Cal Young Middle School. We will offer a solar car workshop for anyone new to the event on Tuesday, March 10th. This is a requirement for anyone new.

Registration for Solar Challenge:

Please email the 4J/EWEB Education Partnership to obtain the 2020 Solar Challenge registration link and Solar Vehicle Ordering link. 



Solar Challenge Overview

 New Teacher Survival guide 

Solar Challenge student workbook-speed cars

 Solar Challenge teacher guide-speed cars

Activities and Tips

Engineering Design Content Standards

Car Examples

Lesson Plans

Race Information



Solar Car Introduction Video (YouTube)

Installing Bearings on your car

Filing the Steel axles

Gears Part 1 Video (YouTube)

How to install and check speed car switch

How to set up the track for school races




Photo Gallery