Disaster Preparedness and Resilience

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Disaster Preparedness and Resilience is a new program offering and under development. The program will support K-12 learning with disaster preparedness related projects, classroom visits, assemblies and curriculum, support systems for disaster preparedness, and highlight EWEB Board Priorities. Curriculum will be developed to be place-based, standards aligned and relevant to address the changes expected in the Pacific Northwest. The bullets below list specific components relating to disaster preparedness and resilience that will be addressed in this program.

  • Highlight natural disasters that can occur in our area- earthquakes, fires, flooding, etc.
  • Household scale emergency planning and preparation for students
  • Potential classroom visits and school assemblies
  • Family learning (PTA’s), regional meetings at the highschools 
  • 8th grade Cascadia Subduction/Plate Tectonics lessons/staff development
  • Staff Professional Learning for preparing the classroom & students


  • Provide lessons on Cascadia Subduction/Earthquake preparedness for 8th graders
  • Provide materials, classroom visits and assemblies related to household scale Earthquake preparedness
  • Support access to EWEB Pledge to Prepare information to all Eugene 4J families
  • Develop skills in emergency preparedness, emergency resiliency and adaptation
  • Support Eugene 4J and EWEB disaster preparedness efforts

Alignment to EWEB board priorities

The EWEB Education Grant Program is intended to support K-12 education activities directly connected with EWEB’s mission. The objectives listed above meet the adopted area of study for earthquake preparedness.

  • Cascadia Subduction earthquake and household scale emergency planning and preparation

Target audience/number of students reached/timeline

Target audience: All students and families in Eugene 4J

Number of Students reached: 16,500

Timeline: August-June