4J Science Kits

The EWEB grant helps fund all of the 4j K-8 grade STEM related science kits.



See the 4j Science link below for more information and resources for FOSS kits.

4j Science

Additional resources may be available for the following Elementary FOSS science kits:

K Motion and Materials (Investigation 4- Getting things to move)

Grade 1 Air and Weather (Investigation 3-Wind)

Grade 2 Solids and Liquids (Investigation 2-Liquids, Inv. 3 Solids, Liquids and Water)

Grade 3 Motion and Matter (Investigation 1 Forces, Inv. 2 Patterns of Motion, Inv. 3 Engineering)

Grade 3 Soils, Rocks and Landforms (Investigation 2 Erosion, Inv. 4- Natural Resources)

Grade 3 Water and Climate (Investigation 1-Water Observations, Inv. 2- Properties of water, Inv. 3- Weather/Water transformation, Inv. 4-Waterworks

Grade 4 Energy (Investigation 1-Circuits, Inv. 2 -Magnets, Inv. 3- Electromagnetism, Inv. 4 Energy transfer)

Grade 4 Environments (Investigation3-Water ecology)

Grade 5 Earth and Sun (Investigation 3-Heating Earth, Inv. 4 Water Planet)

Grade 5 Living Systems (Investigation 1-Systems… worm composting, Inv. 4-Sensory systems)

Grade 5 Mixtures and Solutions (Investigation 4-Saturation)

Additional resources may be available for the following Middle School iQwst kits:

Grade 6 How does water shape our world?

Grade 6 Where have all the creatures gone? (Salmon)

Grade 7 Why do some things stop while others keep going? (Solar Challenge-speed car, Art Concept car)

Grade 8 How will it move? (Solar Challenge-Hill Climb vehicle, Science Concept car)

Grade 8 How is the Earth changing?