4J FOSS Science Kits

The EWEB grant helps fund  Eugene 4J’s K-5 grade Energy and Water related science kits.

NOTE for Remote learning: 

Elementary FOSS remote learning:


FOSS (Choose Next Gen K-5 modules):


The EWEB Education grant helps fund all of the Eugene 4J K-5th grade Energy, Water and Environment related science kits. This funding is integral for resupplying materials in kits so that quality, hands-on science learning can happen at the classroom level. Below is a list of kits currently supported.

Elementary FOSS kits:

  • Kindergarten: Motion and Materials, Trees
  • Grade 1: Air and Weather 
  • Grade 2: Solids and Liquids, Pebbles Sand and Silt
  • Grade 3: Motion and Matter, Soils, Rocks and Landforms, Water and Climate 
  • Grade 4: Energy, Environments 
  • Grade 5: Earth and Sun, Living Systems, Mixtures and Solutions 

See the 4J Science link below for more information and resources for FOSS kits.

4j Science